Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In class we make Artist Cards...these art card witch will be put up around the school for people to take home and these are mine that I have made.


1st  "Line"

2nd  "Contrast"

3rd "Value"

4th "Rhythm"

5th & 6th "Think"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Abstract Eye Portrait

                    __Unfolding My Mind__








i enjoyed doing this project it was a way to actually show my love for art in a big scale for the first time. In my opinion, The color was the best choice I made. I think that because the eye and under the fold are emphasized due to the juxtaposition of black and white versus the colors. While doing this project I believed we had to hit five points about ourselves in the drawing. I was wrong, yet happy I did it because I would not have had the ideas in my head to do this drawing.The things I would change is the top of the eye, I would have paid more attention to placement of it and the distinctiveness of it.